Friday, 2 June 2017

Can you really start again ? #withmeblogtv #Lst

I was watching a show on BBC2 about a group of people moving to different country at their later years in there life and it got me thinking.............

If you could start again right now in your life would you? 

Lets just say my life has not be great (kinda of a understatement) Death, Abuse, Drink , Drugs , Bullying to name few. I am looking to really just start again, A new name, new dress style, new job, new friends, new attitude, new house, new area. 

I have come to a point to were this life is not working for me at all. Sad but very true, i like me kinda but don't like who I have become over the last few years : Very Antisocial , Very unmotivated , Very could careless. 

I will say i do have a few achievements to my name : First person in my family to go to college, Running a Fashion Label , Starting my own magazine , Being featured on Tv and they are the things i will bring to my new life.

Maybe i am kinda over thinking it but can you really start again? At 29 or do you just have to make the best out of the situation? 

My mum always said "If the situation is not making you happy , it is time to move on to one that will" 

And that is what I plan to do 😁 



Can you really have it all #withmeblogtv #lst

We are told as kids that we can have it all in life but do we really deserve to have it all?

As turning 29 this year and seeing lots of my friends having kids , buying houses and settling down but I am no were near there. It got me thinking about the goals we make as kids and growing up.

I remember being 12 and being in school and one of the projects was about your goals in the future. Needless to say mine were very money driven , like big house , lots of cars etc etc. Which looking back was more about my life situation and feeling poor. Even though my mum did her best and given me whatever she could I still knew were we stood on the poor line. 

As we grow up we learn to know that having it all is really not the be end of end all, well some of us do anyways. We choose to pick between family , friends, work , love but can all of them be 100% at all time for a long time. 

This is were most of us fail because we are reaching for way to much. It is OK to stay in your lane if that makes you happy.  

As life flows there is always gonna be ups and down and hard decisions we have to make but having it all should not really be the end game. 

Being happy whatever you have should it be a great job , a big family , lots of friends. 

Make the most of what you have and you will always be happy and will not ever be looking for more , better , everything. If you want it all , by all means do you thing but don't break your back when it is just not realistic. 



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Thursday, 25 May 2017

#withmeblogtv #brandinfluence #productreview


We offer a products review services and try out products and services from people and companies of minority. 

Black Hair companies
Black Skin care companies 
Black Male grooming companies
Black Own businesses/ Services
Black Food Companies / Services

We test out your products over 3 weeks to see if they works.

We will showcase your products and services to the best to are abilities and to a new audiences. 

Our Audience :


-Age : 15/35

-Social media savvy 

-Keeps up to do with news and social media

-People that what to create change

Facebook Followers 290
Twitter followers 1600
Instagram Followers 290
Youtube subscribe 170
Linkedin 1500

We will put out :

A blog post about your company.

1 Video using the products or services.

1 Video about are verdict of the products.

All content is made from the heart of the vlogger , we will not promote any products , services that we have not tested are self and love.

Email : 

Monday, 22 May 2017

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WITH ME BLOG TV is a lifestyle platform looking at aspects of life that is near to my heart from Black Culture, Food , LGBT Rights , Relationships , Fashion and everything in between. 

As well as producing are own content:

A behind-the-scenes fashion series (R.A.R Fashion IN TO THE FASHION) #rarfashionittf

Weekly Online Live Magazine Show (On the sofa) #ots

Weekly blog post highlighting the social issues ( Lets Talk ) #Lst

Cooking Series (Cooking with me) #cwm

and many more projects on the way. 

The driving force behind the platform is to highlight social issues, showcase products ,services and views from people of minorities.

Are aims : 

1 Highlight social issues

2 Promote minorities products

3 Connect people with services , Products , People , Events.

4 Make are own content. 

5 Start campaigns that highlight issues in the vlogger life.

We want this site to uplift , Impacted , Inform and connect people. Hopefully help people :  laugh , love and share.

#withmeblogtv #contactcreator #brandinfluence #intro

I am Ryan Anton Reid : A 29 Gay Black Male , Born and breed in north London.

I am a Fashion designer and creative director at R.A.R fashion(Ready to wear / Sports wear) fashion label founded in 2009.

Now Blogger and presenter for WITH ME BLOG TV.

As growing up I never felt like there was anyone to look up to or to highlight the issues that affect me , my race , my sexuality , my point of view.

Having spent the last 10 years in retail and running my own fashion label , I have taken time off to start a person project that is near to me heart WITH ME BLOG TV.

I wanted to start a channel that offers a different look on life from people that don't feel like they have a voice in this society.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

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